Rainbow Eucalyptus Bonsai Care & How to Grow?

Can you bonsai rainbow eucalyptus?  Yes, you can make Rainbow Eucalyptus bonsai because of its beautiful foliage and aesthetic appeal. But it can be difficult for you if you don’t have experience. It requires dedication and an understanding of the tree’s specific needs.

rainbow eucalyptus bonsai
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About Rainbow Eucalyptus

Rainbow eucalyptus also known as eucalyptus deglupta is a tropical tree native to the Philippines, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. It is popular because of its unique multi-colored bark which peels away to reveal different colors (green, blue, purple, orange, and maroon).

The leaves are bright green-lanced shaped and have fragrance. The growth rate is fast as it can grow up to 250 ft in the tropical environment. The life span of rainbow eucalyptus is 250 years.

Rainbow eucalyptus is popular in making paper and furniture but also gaining popularity in the ornamental sector because of its uniqueness of being colourful.

How to Grow Rainbow Eucalyptus

Rainbow eucalyptus can be grown by cuttings and seeds. Growing eucalyptus by seeds is a popular option. Buy high-quality seeds and soak them for 24 hours for better results.

The germination rate of rainbow eucalyptus is 50% so you have to sow more seeds. The best time to sow seeds is in spring season and germination time is about 3 to 4 weeks.

Use well-draining soil to scatter the seeds on the surface and do not press them in the soil. The rainbow eucalyptus seeds need light to germinate.

After the seedlings has developed 3 to 4 leaves place them in full sunlight. At this stage make sure the soil has moisture all the time but not wet.

Once seedlings have grown up to 8 to 10 inches choose the healthier one for rainbow eucalyptus bonsai. Take a shallow pot because it has a large root system and place the tree in the pot.

Do regular pruning and use bonsai wires to give the tree the desired shape.

Pests and diseases that can affect the tree are aphids, spider mites, scale insects, and fungal diseases. Pests can be treated by neem oil and fungal diseases are caused by over-watering and poor air circulation.

Rainbow Eucalyptus Bonsai Care

The rainbow eucalyptus trees thrive in warm weather, you can place them outdoor unless the temperature is about 15°C. In winter place them indoor cold weather can harm the rainbow eucalyptus.

Rainbow eucalyptus bonsai needs sunlight for at least 6 hours a day.

They need plenty of water as they belong to tropical origin. But make sure they only need moisture. Only water when you see the upper surface of the soil dry.

Use a mixture of akadama, pumice, and lava rock. rainbow eucalyptus like slightly acidic to neutral soil. Make sure that rainbow eucalyptus bonsai pots have proper drainage holes.

Rainbow eucalyptus needs to be fertilized twice a month in the growing season using a balanced fertilizer. Stop fertilizing in winters.

Pruning rainbow eucalyptus bonsai is necessary to maintain the shape and root pruning should be done every time when repotting.

Repotting of rainbow eucalyptus can be done every 2 to 3 years and the best time considered for repotting is early spring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I grow rainbow eucalyptus?

Yes, you can grow rainbow eucalyptus in spring by seeds. Take care of them in winter from frost which can damage trees.

Do rainbow eucalyptus trees smell?

Yes, eucalyptus trees have a smell because their leaves contain oil which emits eucalyptus aroma.

Where rainbow eucalyptus can grow?

Rainbow eucalyptus can be grown in tropical and sub-tropical climates.


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